Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Fishing Rods and the Stuck ups

Last night, i attempted working out. I am not fat, but i am definitely not skinny....basically, i have a big butt. I am willing to say that, because its not that bad. haha, anyway, i did about 50 sit-ups, and 50 leg lifts (each leg). The hardest thing i did was i tied a belt around my feet, and lifted my legs up and held them, which was really hard. BUT IT WORKS! I can actually feel my legs! I kinda got this feeling when i played volleyball, but i don't think its fun anymore because these freshman girls came in and think they are sooooooo good. Do you know any good/Fast workouts?

What's up with that? I mean, as i look down at the lower grades, some of these people are REALLY stuck on themselves. There were a couple of guys that graduated when i was in eighth grade. Everyone thought they were going places, they had decent grades, and they were good in sports. Currently, one of them has a kid, and they have no jobs. They come to the school every night to play basketball. IT WAS NOT THE ECONOMY'S FAULT. These men are just stuck in the past! They can't let the fact go that they are not in high school anymore, and are not the "stars" they used to be. Will it happen again in some of these lower classes? (Hehe, the junior class is almost perfect...!!Just Kidding!!)

Change in subject, I finished my fishing rod! I made it for my cousin Blaze (yes, his name is blaze. I wish she would had named him different, but it kinda fits him now, there is no other possible name for him....) But i have to wait until June (his birthday), to give it to him. In the meantime, i think i will make a pink sparkly one for my cousin Dove (Yes, another unique name, but that one is more normal, and actually runs in the family ) =]

Their parents will hate me when the kids will actually want to use the fishing rods to go fishing, but its kinda a payback for all the frustration that they cause me by their stupidity. I'm not really going to explain their stupidity, but just take my word for it.

Hey, if you actually read this, can you leave a comment? I just want to know if SOMEONE READS MY WORDS.

To my one follower, I bid you farewell. (<-Isn't that silly? I think its Corny, but it sounds like something i should but down.....)

@A Girl@

Monday, March 8, 2010

Worms and Boys (<-Haha!)

Haha, so my posting on this blog is probably limited to Monday-Friday at 6th period. Anyway, i was on mid-winter break this past week, and it was pretty boring. I got grounded because i didn't clean my room while my mom went shopping...she only really took my phone away, but that was a torture all on its own.

Don't get me wrong, i am not one of the obsessive texters that absolutely needs her phone 24-7, but I've been talking to a boy that i really like....=]

My parents like the guy, and think he's nice, but they said i would never be able to date him because I'm 16, and he's 20. ITS NOT THAT MAJOR! We aren't even 4 years apart! we are like...3 1/2. He has Christian morals, and is really fun. My parents said they would be more comfortable if i dated a boy my age. I'm sorry to say it, but most of the guys my age are druggies, creepy, or taken. THAT, or they simply aren't interested. Ahhh....the life of a normal teenager. I'm pretty and unique looking, how come all the guys want the small blonde girls with the same nose? I just don't get it... Does anybody know the answer? Please tell me.

Besides that normal, everyday problem... I've become obsessed with the T.V show Psych and Glee. I AM A TOTAL GLEEK!

OH!! And i had a nasty muddy, poopy worm fall onto my foot yesterday. Reaction? Well, I kicked off my shoe, and hopped up and down until i was sure it was gone. I AM THE GIRL THAT PLAYED WITH WORMS WHEN I WAS LITTLE. I still pick them up from the sidewalk after rainy days and toss them back into the dirt, but i guess this worm was freakier or something. I will never know, because it was over before i knew it, but my brother was practically on the ground laughing at me, saying he's never seen me act like that....

Schools almost over, so i better sign off. To my very few readers, I bid you farewell.

@The girl wanting a Dr.Pepper.....@

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


In my forestry class, i have to write a speech about an Agricultural issue. Any ideas?

I want to write about the pros and con's of butchering horses, but i need to have a motivation for typing. When i write, i usually have to be completely absorbed in the topic. I write really well like that. Maybe one of these days i will post a link of my Career report last year. IT WAS AMAZING! Not to brag or anything, but my English teacher told all her classes about how i had a strong voice, and that my passions really came out through my writing. ( I should mention that i wrote 7 pages about acting) I NEED THAT MOTIVATION.

My agriculture teacher believes that i should be able to do this well, and i should. That's the frustrating part....

I got the highest test score out of both U.S History classes. I had a score of 83/80. Isn't that cool?!?

Also, I finished tying all the guides onto the fishing rod I am making for my little cousin. I think he's going to really like it. Its green, which is an awesome color.

Well, i doubt i am going to get to type anything else on here today, because i have practice tonight and a lot of stuff to do before then.

To my nonexistent readers, I bid you farewell.

@The girl who can't write today@

Monday, March 1, 2010

The Prom Bomb

I've decided to start a new blog. I noticed that i've been stressed lately, so maybe a computer stress releaver is what i need.

Lets start with my current problems. I am a officer in my FFA chapter. I am the head of every committee in the club. I'm competing in Forestry, which is a weird competition about trees and chainsaws and bugs and tools. Its really hard for a girl who usually is thinking about a broadway musical or a cute boy.

I should mention that i am in a musical currently. If i tell you, DONT LAUGH. Well, i can't really tell if you laugh at me or not, but i'm just asking anyway. I'm currently casted in.....Seussical the Musical. Its a fun musical of almost all of Dr.Seuss's works. Dare i say it, i am yertle the turtle.

This brings me to another frustration. I was casted as yertle the turtle, who is truthfully based off of Adolf Hitler. Don't get me wrong, Yertle the Turtle is a wonderfull book. I have it practically memorized from reading it to my little cousin. But i am sooooooo not a mean turtle. I believe i should be the cat in the hat. I was the best option, but i guess god didn't want it to be...One of these days i will be the lead, and i will be content.

Main subject of this post: THE PROM BOMB.
It came to my attention this afternoon that one of my performances in seussical is the same night as my prom. MY JUNIOR PROM! Obviously, i will choose my play, because i am not a quitter and deserting the cast to go dance with a bunch of highschoolers is low. VERY LOW.

I have my priorities, and i plan to keep them.

To my invisible readers, I bid you goodnight.

@The girl who attempts to make people smile@