Monday, March 8, 2010

Worms and Boys (<-Haha!)

Haha, so my posting on this blog is probably limited to Monday-Friday at 6th period. Anyway, i was on mid-winter break this past week, and it was pretty boring. I got grounded because i didn't clean my room while my mom went shopping...she only really took my phone away, but that was a torture all on its own.

Don't get me wrong, i am not one of the obsessive texters that absolutely needs her phone 24-7, but I've been talking to a boy that i really like....=]

My parents like the guy, and think he's nice, but they said i would never be able to date him because I'm 16, and he's 20. ITS NOT THAT MAJOR! We aren't even 4 years apart! we are like...3 1/2. He has Christian morals, and is really fun. My parents said they would be more comfortable if i dated a boy my age. I'm sorry to say it, but most of the guys my age are druggies, creepy, or taken. THAT, or they simply aren't interested. Ahhh....the life of a normal teenager. I'm pretty and unique looking, how come all the guys want the small blonde girls with the same nose? I just don't get it... Does anybody know the answer? Please tell me.

Besides that normal, everyday problem... I've become obsessed with the T.V show Psych and Glee. I AM A TOTAL GLEEK!

OH!! And i had a nasty muddy, poopy worm fall onto my foot yesterday. Reaction? Well, I kicked off my shoe, and hopped up and down until i was sure it was gone. I AM THE GIRL THAT PLAYED WITH WORMS WHEN I WAS LITTLE. I still pick them up from the sidewalk after rainy days and toss them back into the dirt, but i guess this worm was freakier or something. I will never know, because it was over before i knew it, but my brother was practically on the ground laughing at me, saying he's never seen me act like that....

Schools almost over, so i better sign off. To my very few readers, I bid you farewell.

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