Monday, March 1, 2010

The Prom Bomb

I've decided to start a new blog. I noticed that i've been stressed lately, so maybe a computer stress releaver is what i need.

Lets start with my current problems. I am a officer in my FFA chapter. I am the head of every committee in the club. I'm competing in Forestry, which is a weird competition about trees and chainsaws and bugs and tools. Its really hard for a girl who usually is thinking about a broadway musical or a cute boy.

I should mention that i am in a musical currently. If i tell you, DONT LAUGH. Well, i can't really tell if you laugh at me or not, but i'm just asking anyway. I'm currently casted in.....Seussical the Musical. Its a fun musical of almost all of Dr.Seuss's works. Dare i say it, i am yertle the turtle.

This brings me to another frustration. I was casted as yertle the turtle, who is truthfully based off of Adolf Hitler. Don't get me wrong, Yertle the Turtle is a wonderfull book. I have it practically memorized from reading it to my little cousin. But i am sooooooo not a mean turtle. I believe i should be the cat in the hat. I was the best option, but i guess god didn't want it to be...One of these days i will be the lead, and i will be content.

Main subject of this post: THE PROM BOMB.
It came to my attention this afternoon that one of my performances in seussical is the same night as my prom. MY JUNIOR PROM! Obviously, i will choose my play, because i am not a quitter and deserting the cast to go dance with a bunch of highschoolers is low. VERY LOW.

I have my priorities, and i plan to keep them.

To my invisible readers, I bid you goodnight.

@The girl who attempts to make people smile@

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